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Use this page to describe what’s special about this company and your campaign. Does the company have a unique business model or unusual goal? Are they a nonprofit organization or a new company striving to reach a distinct audience. Write a bit about the company and give a teaser or two about your campaign. 

The Challenge

Your website is not the place for modesty. Describe what obstacles and challenges you faced when launching this project. Perhaps the company had a limited budget or a really short time frame in which you had to pull it all off. Remember to give specifics that are interesting and relatable, so that website visitors see that your company knows its stuff.  

What We Did

After describing the challenges, it’s time to describe with pride how you faced them. Make sure to address all the challenges that you mentioned above, because potential clients want to know how you handled real life obstacles. Of course, if you achieved any additional benefits, be sure to mention these too. You don’t need to go into too much detail, but this is a great forum for explaining what you did and why. 
What We Achieved

So now it is time to toot your own horn. And while you don’t want to exaggerate the results, you do want to make sure that all your achievements are evident. 

Write a paragraph or two about how the campaign was launched, what elements were included, how many people were involved, and how many of your goals were achieved. You can also write about some unexpected achievements here, like surpassing your expected ROI or making it even more viral than you expected. There’s no need to list too make numbers and stats here, as you have room to do this immediately below, in a format that’s easy to read and absorb. 
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